For 25 years now, Fischer Financial Services has been a trusted name offering its clients a flexible personalized financial plan to
ensure their long-term financial growth and stability.

A proud member of Affinity Alliance – Fischer Financial works with a team of experts who focus on each aspect of your unique financial picture – offering you peace of mind through a comprehensive road map to get you to your financial goal.

Who We Are

Vernon Fischer, President of Fischer Financial Services, offers expert personalized service. He provides the kind of attention to detail that builds success on a solid foundation of trust. His name is his word.Learn More

What We Do

Our clients expect top-level performance and results – and so do we. That's why Fischer Financial works only with the best service providers in Canada. We're well aware that life is a moving target. When we design your financial plan, we make sure it’s flexible and adaptable. Learn More

Our Investment Philosophy

FundEX Investment Inc.All successful businesses follow a written plan to guide their activities. Investment guru Tim Burt has been quoted as having said "Investors must exercise the same discipline to achieve their own long-term success." Fischer Financial agrees. Learn More